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Top ten tips for controlling your Social Media

Top Ten Tips for Controlling your Social Media

1. Dedicate specific time each day and every day. This is part of your working life not an addition to it

2. Think about checking your social media when you check your emails as you are likely to be in the same frame of mind

3. Prioritise your networks so you focus appropriate time where your customers are and where they are most likely to respond

4. Get lots of little wins. Make sure you set lots of short term targets, each one contributing to your social media footprint

5. Watch outcomes of individual posts and tweets so you learn quickly what works and what to avoid next time

6. Follow, share and like to ensure you are digitally extrovert, engaged and ‘out there’

7. Balance talking and listening and to ensure you learn as much as you talk and market yourself – be current, relevant, informed

8. Share the workload, with a consistent output and style but some level of individuality. Teams win

9. Integrate printed, face to face and digital activity within the customers’ journeys. In their eyes, it’s all about them, not you

10. Make it mobile so you can social network wherever you are to save time and prevent yourself forgetting the great ideas and opportunities that pop up during the day – remember those “ice-cream moments” – capture it and share it before the ice-cream melts and the moment is gone!