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Security – Prevention the best policy

With the wide use and dependency on Technology, Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated by the day and when a Cyber attack happens it dilutes the reputation of an organisation and the cost’s implication can be astronomical. Businesses and organisations of all kinds are being actively targeted by perpetrators using a wide range of technical tactics designed to exploit computer systems.

The attacks are designed to evade traditional IT defences, making them very dangerous to your organisation’s network and particularly difficult to detect.


At Geecon, we offer a Cyber analysis and detection service aimed at helping businesses to deal with Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s).

We have a team of qualified experts with a wide range of extensive experience in different industries, who works to put in a place a watertight plan for your security needs.

Our ICT Security Management team gives a leading edge solution, providing consolidated threat intelligence, gathered from a number of reliable and trusted sources. These sources include our extensive research with some of our partners and clients representing different industries.

Our security services include:

Pen Testing
Physical assessments
Network scans
Systems reviews (including personal computers, servers, mainframes, network routers, switches)
Reviewing documentation
SCADA Testing
Source Code review
VPN Security Assessment
Wireless Assessment
Firewall Testing
Citrix Testing
Data recovery services
Security Strategy formulation

One of the popular services we offer is to work with you in formulating a water tight ICT security strategy fitting for your organisation. To achieve this, we have a 5 step model that we follow with our clients:

Identify measurable ICT security objectives
Align the objectives to measurable
Develop a catalogue of work activity to meet the objectives
Implementation of the strategy
Review the strategy to ensure it remains relevant
Our Security Management team will work with you to gain a detailed understanding of your systems and network architecture to help determine your business’s exposure to Cyber attacks, before planning an effective plan for the analysis and detection service.

Show a process – to include, knowledge capturing, Data Collection, Analysis, Lab work, report findings, recommendations and timeline review.