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Process Outsourcing – reduce back & front office costs

One of the challenges facing businesses is the need to introduce measurable efficiency and evidently reduce operational costs without negatively impacting quality standards.

Every organization has a different objective for outsourcing its business processes and when properly executed with the right strategy, process outsourcing can have a major positive impact to the advantage of an organisation.

From our recent survey with our current client list on process outsourcing, four distinct reasons were identified as the most important factors that companies choose to partner with Geecon when electing us to deliver their outsourced processes.

We help businesses to focus on their core mission while we take care of the routine process
We help businesses attain high levels of efficiency without undertaking the day to day time demanding repetitive activities that are not their primary business expertise
We help business increase their image value as they concentrate on the fundamental activities of their existence
We help businesses achieve high cost savings and increase their buffer capital revenue
Our success in the field of business process outsourcing services can be traced to several points embedded in our core business experience:

We deliver outsourcing services using intelligent and smart technologies

Our services include:

Call centre (inbound, outbound, Telemarketing, Technical services, email)
Document processing
Data entry (scanning, printing)