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Cloud Services

One of the most powerful technological evolution of our times has been the rollout of cloud computing. With time cloud computing has continued to mature as a useful technology and most organisations are reaping its rewards.

Cloud technologies can be an organisation’s greatest and most reliable resource when it comes to solving some of the modern business IT related challenges. At Geecon, we have been involved with cloud computing from its infant stages. Using our end to end cloud solution we have been able to transform our client’s capacity and efficiency for the better.

Using a combination of our cloud solutions, we have helped organisations to attain significant cons on many areas:

Reduced IT costs
Increased enterprise mobility
Unlimited growth capacity
High real-time availability of resources
Increased Agility
Increased collaboration
Increased business continuity
High availability of ICT support
We have built our cloud solutions based on a continuous research and refinement model to ensure that our solutions in this area remains to be on the cutting edge.

We can help you move to the cloud with confidence and ensure you achieve evidence based advantages that we are providing to many businesses.

Our cloud solutions include:

Cloud Hosting
Cloud Storage
Cloud Infrastructure (Servers & Virtual Desktops)
Cloud Development platforms
Cloud Analytics
One of the undoubted challenges facing cloud computing is that of security. At Geecon, we value our customers and we know the unprecedented value of data and information to an organisation. Our Cloud solutions are provided with the highest security features. We continue to invest in Cloud computing security. In addition to using high ingenuity and the latest analytics technology to combat cloud related cybercrime, we have teamed up with other specialists to continue enhancing security for cloud computing technologies across the globe.

Our Cloud security solutions helps businesses to confidently embrace cloud technology and protect against associated risks for all solutions of cloud computing. With our available cloud security services, we help businesses better manage, monitor and control access to critical Cloud business resources.