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Geecon Group has many years experience of providing software solutions and affordable for small, mid and large companies & corporations. We also providing services in different industries like Resourcing, Corporate Training and Design. We have the history of working hard to ensure the customer confidence in us and have mission to continue the same with the dedication to serve our customers. we care about and will never change it as this is our heritage.

The first appeal: you are the star. All we want to know is: Are you capable enough to ‘outcast’ the dreams in you? At Geecon Technology , we believe in ‘optimism’. After lots of efforts we decided to throw out the ‘creative persona test’ among you. Once you realise you have the ‘stardom’ in you, unleash it. The world is yours, and your career is ready to go heights. Explore yourselves with us. Valuate your skills. Take the test, take the challenge. This is our work ‘pledge’. if you think you have your own rules, you are most welcome to share them with us. “The world is a paradox of ‘changes’. The winner is never announced. I will strive hard to make upliftments, and ultimately ‘unleash’ my skill and creativity to be a part of the revolution. I am futuristic, workaholic, but at the same time, I love ‘making’ changes to the system. And I also accept ‘changes’. I am revolutionary. I have a dream. I dream.” We want Fresh or Experience candidates for our described services.