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Corporate branding Mira Bhayandar, Mumbai refers to the process of marketing a company's corporate brand as opposed to particular goods or services alone. The process of corporate branding normally consists of several elements, which are designed to create long term recognition, increase sales, enhance marketing performance, reach target markets, increase company reputation, and build corporate loyalty. The activities and strategies which go into corporate branding mira bhayandar, Mumbai vary from service and product branding because the range of a corporate brand is generally much wider. Corporate branding is often undertaken by a marketing manager whose job is to identify the customer needs and align the resources of the company to meet these needs. Corporate branding is usually carried out through a number of elements, including the creation of an overall corporate image, the development of a corporate logo, promotional marketing campaigns, and client communications and promotions. The corporate logo is the visual way by which the public will be familiar with the nature of the brand, and its purpose is to define and provide an identity for it. The brand logo will help customers to associate the product or service with a recognizable face and thus lend it a particular shape and personality. Corporate branding creates the distinctive brand image and reputation for the company, but it also creates a marketing message and helps to establish a company's place in the market. Corporate branding is a highly-specialized area of marketing and this is because it is so involved. Corporate branding is also very diverse, but there are four basic components that make up successful branding. These are quality, image, message, and position/cost consideration. Quality is the primary consideration for any advertising strategy, and the key to corporate branding is providing a product or service of good quality that consumers will value and rely upon. A good logo design can communicate this quality easily, but the way in which the message is presented, and the position that it occupies in the branding scheme, can be crucial in ensuring that the message is well received and understood.